It doesn't matter if you have a small house, a condo, or a luxury home... It also doesn't matter if your house is in perfect shape, or if it needs repairs... You can sell your home by this time next week, and you can move on with your future plans!


At Chicagoland Housing Solutions LLC, we don't believe that the status quo for selling homes is always the best or most practical option. If you sell your house on the retail market with a Realtor, you may have to wait upwards of 6 months to find a buyer, and an additional 1-3 months to close. Not to mention how many deals fall apart last minute because of ever-increasing strict lending guidelines. This leaves homeowners with very few practical alternatives- Trying to do it yourself ("For Sale By Owner") leads to less market visibility and typically yields even worse results. If you want a quick sale, you can sell your home to "Investors" who will only pay you pennies on the dollar, regardless of the condition of your house. But what if you want to sell your home quickly without all of the hassles of a retail sale and still get a fair price?

That is where Chicagoland Housing Solutions offers a solution that is otherwise not available. We can buy homes quickly and offer prices that are competitive with the retail market. How can we do this? Our company networks with numerous businesses in the Chicagoland area, and when they have relocating families, we accommodate those families until they can sell the home they left behind. Since we have a constant stream of clients who need houses, we are able to offer sellers like yourself a fair price, and the flexibility to set a closing date that works best for you. The best of both worlds- that is our philosophy!

Cut Out The Middle Man

Sell your house without hiring a traditional agent. Countless homeowners have chosen us over a traditional slow process of selling their homes with a real estate agent, and waiting for months to find a buyer. We purchase homes in the greater Chicagoland area, without the usual hassles of open houses, extended inspections, and long escrows.

Reduce Uncertainty

Avoid losing the sale due to "tight" lending. Statistics show that large number of sales "fall out of escrow" at the last minute due to "pre-approved" buyers not being able to secure the final loan approval. This is very stressful to most homeowners because then they need to start all over again, which means more advertising, more payments and more waiting! We work with private funds (not banks), which entirely avoids the delays and uncertainty of today's lending.

Stop Waiting

In a conventional sale through a Realtor, it could take over 6 months just to find an interested buyer, and then another 1-3 months to close. Many people don't have the luxury of waiting that long to sell their home. We can close in virtually any timeframe that is convenient for you. Whether it is 3 weeks or 3 months! And if your original time frame or circumstances change, we can change with them.

Choose the easier option

Imagine a hassle-free sale on a date of your choice, WITHOUT having dozens of strangers walking through your home and invading your privacy! If your home meets our initial buying criteria for your area, we will send out one of our Acquisitions Managers to view the home and meet with you in person. That's why our business has so many satisfied clients. Be one of them!

Don't Pay Fees

We have no hidden fees! When we make you an offer, we will tell you exactly how much money you will walk away with at closing.


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